Learning and Development 

NAFA’s Learning & Development Philosophy

Aligned to NAFA’s mission of inspiring learning and growth through the arts as well as our core value of “Excellence”, we are committed to supporting every employee’s continual learning and development. All employees are encouraged to take up learning and development opportunities to upgrade their skills and knowledge, so that they can perform their job more efficiently and effectively, thereby contributing towards the Academy’s strategic goals and objectives.

NAFA’s Learning & Development (L&D) Framework is built on the following guiding principles of:

  • 70% Experiential Learning (On-the-Job Training);
  • 20% Social Learning (Exposure to Others); and
  • 10% Structured Learning (Education).

A different competency framework is developed for different employee categories - Academic, Administrative and School of Young Talents so as to define the competencies (in terms of skills, knowledge and other specific professional competencies) required by individual employees at different levels across the Academy.

It starts with comprehensive on-boarding programmes for new employees and continues with on-the-job training, opportunities for involvement in work committees, task force projects, job rotation and various forms of sponsorships for continual education and professional development.

NAFA endeavours to provide various support (e.g. course fee discounts/sponsorships; exam leave/study leave schemes, study loan, etc.) and opportunities for all employees who strive to excel in their job and also aims to develop potential employees at various levels to meet their career aspirations so as to enhance job satisfaction and overall talent retention.