Engagement and Benefits

Our Commitment

People have always been at the centre of NAFA. We recognise that the quality of working life is an important aspect and we want to create an environment which allows employees to enjoy and enhance their motivation and engagement with the Academy.

With ever-changing needs and challenges at different points in life, we aim to promote a caring and supportive environment through various work-life integration initiatives such as flexible work arrangements, different forms of leave benefits, employee health and well-being programmes, an Employee Assistance Programme (external counselling/consultation service) etc. to help employees strike a balance with their work and personal lives.


Be part of the family and enjoy these benefits:

  • Staggered Working Hours
  • Telecommuting Scheme
  • Eat-with-your-family Day
  • Medical and Dental Benefits
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Range of Family Care Leave Benefits
  • On-campus Preschool
  • In-House Programme Subsidies
  • Training Sponsorship
  • In-House Gym
  • Mommy’s Room (Lactation Room)
  • Full suite of wellness programmes (Fitness Classes, Food Demonstrations, Complimentary Basic Health Screening etc)

Work-Life Fun 

NAFA first embarked on the Workplace Health Promotion & Mental Wellness Programme in 2010, which saw various activities organised for colleagues. These included annual health screening, physical activities such as Chair Yoga, Kick-boxing and K-Pop Dance, cholesterol and weight management intervention, health talks and workshops, healthy food demonstrations, etc just to name a few. In recognition of our commendable efforts in promoting a healthy workplace ecosystem and enhancing the well-being of NAFA colleagues, NAFA was accorded the Silver Health Award by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in December 2012.

Since then, we have continued with our efforts to plan and organise a holistic Workplace Health Promotion Programme each year, augmenting it with other new health promotion practices aimed at creating a health-promoting workplace environment. Efforts were recognised and NAFA received the Corporate Excellence Award in 2017 from HPB. The award served as a motivation for the academy to continue with its best practices to achieve a healthier workplace, which will ultimately reap better organisational performance.

Please click here for more information on the Singapore Health Award.