think. make. move on. AT NAFA, every stage in life opens another door to
explore your artistic side. It doesn’t matter if you are
working in an artistic field, or haven’t held a paintbrush
since school. We encourage you to keep seeking new
experiences and enjoy simply being creative. You may
uncover a passion you never knew was there.
discover the art of seeing differently. AT NAFA, we believe every child has creative potential,
and that their artistic talent should be uncovered and
nurtured from a young age. With this in mind, we have formed
the School of Young Talents (SYT) offering part-time music,
dance, art and drama courses to children aged 4 - 18.
come in. take a seat. change it. Make our world better by improving the things
we use and the spaces we live in. At NAFA, 
you learn the history and meaning behind
our physical world, and are instilled with
the confidence to lead the changes to come.
common sense can’t prove
what passion can.
Turning artistic ideas into reality takes more than
grit-it requires skill. Fulfilling the creative
potential in people and ideas is an art in itself.
Wherever you choose to go, NAFA gives you a
skill set that takes you far in any creative industry.
find yourself while losing yourself. Famous for our contemporary East-West posture, our style
of dance speaks a distinct language of its own. Alongside
rigorous practical training in ballet and contemporary dance,
our focus on both Western and Asian dance performance
will give your repertoire both edge and versatility.
challenge and be challenged. Mastermind the visual experience in the everyday.
At NAFA, you get every advantage to break new ground
in communication. We constantly keep our courses and
teaching facilities relevant, giving you a learning
experience that allows your ideas to take lead.
feel good about not fitting in. More than just the making of wearables, fashion design
is a mode of creative expression on runways across
the world. Through fabric, colour and form, your 
creativity is brought to life in the most innovative ways.
have the courage to
let go of uncertainties.
Fine art today has gone beyond the traditional disciplines of
painting, drawing and sculpture. At NAFA, you have the room
to find your own artistic voice while challenging the notions
of what art can be.
put your head and heart
in the same place.
Music constantly invites us to discover a world beyond
ourselves. Wherever you take your aspirations - as a
performer, teacher or in pursuit of further studies - 
we are here to help you make the next step.
defy more often. The heart of what we do as artists is in understanding
where we come from, where we are going, and why.
At NAFA, you have the freedom to focus on what you
love. Through the many cross-cultural opportunities
here, you will hone the performance qualities needed
to shape an evolving artistic frontier.
continuing education conducts part-time courses and enrichment programmes
on Western Painting, Charcoal Drawing, Illustration
for Sculpture, Ceramic, Children’s Books Illustration,
and Art as Therapy.
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the school of young talents comprises
four departments:
music Our Junior Music Department provides professional training to groom future musicians.
art Our Junior Art Department is a long-standing brand name in children’s art.
drama Our Junior Drama Department focuses on training future bilingual talents in acting and show-hosting.
Dance The Junior Dance Department offers a wide range of dance courses for children. Our courses are designed to combine technical training with stage performance.
Know more about our SYT programmes
defy more often. emphasises a learning experience with a global attitude.
Get a foothold across all 3D disciplines, and gain a
better understanding of the considerations that go
behind designing spaces. Our programme also bridges
creativity and business to give you the edge you need to
stand out in your field, and the disciplines beyond it.
Know more about our 3DD programmes
the department of arts management & education endows you with the know-how to manage the ever-changing arts scene. To build your awareness of the visual and performing arts, you will be under the tutelage of experts in a myriad of creative fields. At NAFA, you build a solid foundation in marketing and management, keeping your arts knowledge business-savvy. Should you choose to teach, we provide an all-rounded art and teaching training programme that gives you what you need to impart the arts to the next generation. Know more about our AME programmes
the department of dance focuses on three main areas of study: Composition,
Performance and Pedagogy. A hallmark of our dance
repertoire is its connections with a broad range of
cultures and disciplines. At NAFA, you study in a unique
intercultural environment, with modules informed by
both Asian and Western perspectives.
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the department of design & media allows you to explore traditional design methods and
combine them with new media learning. Apart from the
essential design skills, we help you to hone your critical
thinking and generate creative solutions that go beyond
the aesthetic. From here, you learn to craft solutions
transcending the realms of traditional and digital.
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the department of fashion design gives you every potential to shine in the fashion
industry. At NAFA, you study various aspects and
processes, including fashion design, computerised
techniques, research methodologies and textile
design. Learn to incorporate trends when designing
your collections, and gain an intimate understanding
of what your role as the fashion designer entails.
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the department of fine art Allows you to experiment with ideas while enhancing your ability
to think visually and critically. Our programme puts you on the
forefront of both traditional and contemporary art practices. As
you begin to develop your individual professional practice as a
contemporary artist, you may choose to specialise in painting,
Chinese ink, ceramics, sculpture, photography or printmaking.
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the department of music gives you ample performance opportunities. You also
complete your musical education with historical studies,
practical musicianship, stylistic studies, and are trained in
aural and professional skills to add depth to your study.
Beyond your music studies, you also develop transferrable
skills that include communication and information technology.
Know more about our MU programmes
the department of theatre offers performance-based courses suited to the growing
demands in theatre-making. Unique for our parallel courses
in Mandarin and English (you may choose to study in either
language), our areas of study include acting, movement,
voice, technical theatre and design, as well as
Southeast Asian theatre studies.
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Theatre Music Fine Art Fashion Studies Design & Media Dance Arts Management & Education 3D Design School of Young Talents Continuing Education