Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) is a premier arts institution in Singapore. We are known for our high quality curriculum, innovative teaching approach, diverse artistic creations and community outreach.

At NAFA, we believe people are our greatest asset. We also fully recognise that each individual has different needs. To this end, we offer a competitive compensation and benefits programme that reflects and rewards performance and motivates an employee toward work excellence.

We are committed to invest in the continued career development of our employees by providing various learning and development opportunities that will enable our employees to acquire additional relevant technical knowledge and professional skills relevant to their job scope, as well as to also meet their future job scope and goals of NAFA.

We offer a wide array of learning and development opportunities, which include amongst others, on-the-job training; special projects and work assignments; in-house training and development programmes; external courses and professional development that include Masters/PhD-level studies sponsorship.

Staff with potential and competency and who have made valuable contributions to the Academy will be given opportunities for promotion and career advancement within NAFA.

So join Singapore’s leading tertiary arts institution, play a role in nurturing world-class visual and performing arts talents, and work with some of the most dynamic and brightest individuals.

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