Why Join NAFA?

It just makes sense to join us.
We embrace creativity in all its forms and conduct a diverse range of full-time diploma and degree courses in 8 departments:
  • 3D Design
  • Arts Management & Education
  • Dance
  • Design & Media
  • Fashion Studies
  • Fine Art
  • Music
  • Theatre

We take you where you want to go.
Here, we’ll make it easier for you to move from a diploma to degree. This means that upon completing your GCE ‘O’ or ‘A’ Level, you can immediately start working your way towards a degree. Our degree courses are offered in partnership with renowned universities in the United Kingdom.

You learn beyond the classroom.
We encourage you to think critically, creatively and independently - a habit that keeps you relevant to any field you choose. You will master the technical know-how of your chosen path and be given the opportunities to showcase your ideas through nation-wide projects and competitions. Our curriculum enables you to pursue interests in other disciplines, and is constantly updated to match the needs of the industry.

Teaching is a lifelong art.
Courses here are led by art practitioners with internationally recognised qualifications. You will learn from people passionate about imparting lifelong skills in the arts to you. Dedicated to setting high standards and sharing invaluable knowledge, over 65% of our full-time lecturers have a Master’s Degree or higher.

Graduate Employment Survey (2012)
NAFA alumni can anticipate a brilliant head start to their career. In the Graduation Employment Survey conducted in 2012, our diploma and degree holders gained employment within three months of graduation. 86% of our graduates also secured jobs in their preferred fields relevant to their course of studies.

With a low lecturer-to-student ratio in our diploma courses, you can benefit from our undivided attention:

Lecturer to Diploma Student Ratio
Department Ratio
3D Design 1:15
Arts Management & Education 1:24
Dance 1:8
Design & Media 1:23
Fashion Studies 1:23
Fine Art 1:8
Music 1:11
Theatre 1:8
Average 1:15

Lecturer to Degree Student Ratio
Department Ratio
3D Design 1:5
Arts Management & Education 1:4
Design & Media 1:12
Fashion Studies 1:4
Fine Art 1:2
Music 1:7
Theatre 1:4
Average 1:6

Take on the world here.
With your newly acquired skills and qualifications, you will be welcomed wherever you go. This wide acceptance stems from a solid education provided by renowned international art practitioners who conduct regular lectures and demonstrations for our students. In fact, Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) recognises our proven teaching approach by sending aspiring teachers to our Art and Music Teaching Diploma Courses.

Our location is as diverse as your interests.
The learning environment at NAFA reflects Singapore’s multicultural outlook. NAFA campuses in the arts belt are within walking distance of major performing venues, museums and arts groups. As an academy that thrives on diversity, we welcome students of all cultural backgrounds, from Asia and beyond.

Be part of something greater.
NAFA is registered with the Council for Private Education and is funded at polytechnic-level by the MOE, Singapore. Talented students with exceptional academic results and achievements are eligible for scholarships. The Tuition Grant Scheme, offered by MOE to subsidise the cost of tertiary education in Singapore, is available to international students based on merit during admission.